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Posted by Kuro666 - May 25th, 2011

Wow, been nearly a year since I started coming back to Newgrounds. (or at least been active) Oh well, I'm back now. (to do absolutely nothing) Since the middle of school I've been wanting to become a NGFag again, but all the cool people died, and some of the not so cool also died, thank Satan.

Entiiway, doing a little this and that. I've gotten WAY better at my editing, to say theleast. As for my music, it's also gotten better, but I've taken a little break from it to expand my editing more, yay. I'm now working on animation. I've got the idea, just can't do it properly. (shit)

k, cya.


Posted by Kuro666 - April 29th, 2010

First beat, best beat I've made so far according to the critiques I was praised and suffered.
Warning: Youtube fucked it up at the beginning and end, kthx.

/* */
Second beat, was a techno/Trance/Electro beat purely of my taste. Apparently people liked Excuse The Indulgence more, oh well, I like both so, k.

/* */
This other one was probably a bit relaxing to make, lol
Again, Youtube fucked my beat at the end. :c

/* */

I hate Sundays meh.

Posted by Kuro666 - April 9th, 2010

Here we go again with the xatfag bullshlaha
Twiggy: Owner (or should I say Co-owner since she lets her half-dragon lolbrother run it) and incest expert

Kso....I recently found out that Twiggy wants to meet Ragon in real life....is that not lulzy?
and she even called Ragon a lowlife :] I rofl'd to that
So anyway, someone was arsehurt at the fact that we "harrass" him when he was actually the one harrassing others (considering Kaida and I were minding our own business and he just attention whored in the main chat to start an arguement and lost)
Set this grassy hippy place ablaze.
Twiggy also doesn't know how to be a "Christian" she THINKS she's one, but no...that's only because that's how she was raised. :]
She implied that I stalk them...."them"? I didn't go to Gaydens for Fagon, I went to visit friends. :3
Twiggy is so far up her own arse that her hemaroid is a tumor. Twiggy said she feels bonded to Ragon in real life....roflwut
So anyway, Now we know what we didn't know before. <3
Also.....weren't you supposed to be at work Ragon? :]

Posted by Kuro666 - April 1st, 2010

This post has been deeleeted because someone threatened to post tits. He said he will give out my real name like any damage will be done <3

He also called me a pile of slut shit lol....I have never heard that before
By the way if he sees this and he posts those tit pics...I have a pic of a certain pen0r...so if you don't want your dick being public...keep those pics to yourself ~speaking to self~ lulz