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Christians Loves Atheists

2010-04-09 13:23:12 by Kuro666

Here we go again with the xatfag bullshlaha
Twiggy: Owner (or should I say Co-owner since she lets her half-dragon lolbrother run it) and incest expert

Kso....I recently found out that Twiggy wants to meet Ragon in real that not lulzy?
and she even called Ragon a lowlife :] I rofl'd to that
So anyway, someone was arsehurt at the fact that we "harrass" him when he was actually the one harrassing others (considering Kaida and I were minding our own business and he just attention whored in the main chat to start an arguement and lost)
Set this grassy hippy place ablaze.
Twiggy also doesn't know how to be a "Christian" she THINKS she's one, but no...that's only because that's how she was raised. :]
She implied that I stalk them...."them"? I didn't go to Gaydens for Fagon, I went to visit friends. :3
Twiggy is so far up her own arse that her hemaroid is a tumor. Twiggy said she feels bonded to Ragon in real life....roflwut
So anyway, Now we know what we didn't know before. <3
Also.....weren't you supposed to be at work Ragon? :]


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2010-04-19 20:06:40

twiggy has no tits

Kuro666 responds:

We established that already =3=


2010-04-20 14:48:27

Fuck you.
Jj WAS at work, you fucking lowlife fuckhead.

He obviously works as Twiggy's whore.

Kuro666 responds:

He doesn't have no fucking job wtf is wrong with you...He leaves around 6 PM....6 PM went by for a couple of weeks....he was still here :]


2010-04-20 14:51:17

LEAVE JJ ALONE!!!!!!!!!1

Kuro666 responds:



2010-04-21 12:56:33

Obviously, he either sexes twiggy online or he meets her IRL sometimes at 6 pm and they have sex on a daily basis because she ttly wouldn't be like "ewwwww uglyyyy :(" and would want to touch his scale-covered chode but it'll eventually lead to her killing herself out of fear that God will rape her foreskin with his banstick but that's retarded because if she kills herself she'll go to hell anyway and satan will rape her and she'll be pregnant and she'll bear the spawn of satan and then the antichrist will rise and fucking murder everyone (except us because we like wumpscut) and then we'll be the last two people on earth and one of us will be like "oh shit we have to repopulate the human race" and then the other will be like "k shove your penis into me" and the other will be like "..what penis I thought you had that" and then we'll both be like "..." and eventually we'll kill ourselves leaving the earth to cockroaches and JJ will be out of a job.

In short:
He has no job and fails at life.

(Updated ) Kuro666 responds:

I knew the fucker didn't have a job to begin with and I know the douchefag isn't going to last in college (considering he couldn't even pass highschool). So what does a GED do? It damn sure doesn't make you smarter. ~serious face~
Now Twiggy, we all know Twiggy is as gullible as the next fucktarded christian. To think doG is real, but to be in love with a half-dragon/scalie I-want-to-be-an-atheist-because-i t-sounds-cool, seriously? She is going against doG himself. Also she sinned by having kids at an early age, before marriage (lol RP) if no one caught it. She has like 17 kids (lol Angelina Jolie) and we know her brother/boyfriend isn't the father (considering he cannot reproduce correctly).
Wumscut F.T.W and we can also find some random cum somewhere (there's always some somewhere nearby the local clinic) also...we can't die remember? We are children of the antichrist, we are immortal, we are immoral, we
I wonder if Twiggy or Ragon sees this, what will they do and who will give a flying fuck.
I also wonder if he is having fun fapping to those tits. :]
I also wonder how his unemployment is doing. :3
I also wonder how his college applications are being disposed of. :)
I also wonder how he magically gets a job shortly after his mom tells him he's getting kicked out of the house. :}
I also wonder how his face feels after face-planting into his mom's door. c:
I also wonder how he said he almost punched her about the door thing, thus making him look like even more of a pussy than he started off as. :D
Either way he's a pussy
1. For attempting to punch his mom.
2. Not following through with the offense.


2010-04-22 13:15:02

That long tl;dr paragraph made me cry with happenis.

Kuro666 responds:

d'aww. ~huggles you~


2010-04-24 00:37:05

Only cool ng users have 666 at the end of their usernames.

Kuro666 responds:



2010-04-24 14:25:32


Kuro666 responds: